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To be a Leader or
an Unique

We help enterprises to become the leader of the individual industry sector, or to be Unicorn! We dedicate to transform and to convey the product information and brand story to target audiances by using visual, literaure, audio and video and other elements.




每個企業都有不凡的初衷,因為有感動人的創業故事,也才有感動人心的品牌,產品獲得認同,銷售全球!30年來,雷德商訊聚焦於B to B 的領域,善於聆聽客戶的需求,並將企業的訊息製作成文字、圖形、影像、影音視訊等可感知的內容,透過精準的媒體工具傳達給目標消費者。

Cross-border e-commerce


Due to changes in user behavior, the function of the export industry website has evolved from information flow to cross-border e-commerce. That is, the website itself needs to be interactive enough to serve the needs of industrial procurement of worldwide supply chain.






網站建置完成之後,才是國際行銷的開始。但要怎麼起步呢? 選擇電商巨無霸嗎?真相是買機票的人不會到綜合型電商平台查詢資料!買晶片或工具機的人也不會到巨無霸電商平台。只有產業B2B入口網站是國際行銷起步的最佳選擇,它能發揮供應鏈群聚效應,讓需要你的人能找到你是推展國際貿易的第一步





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Man, I’ve been doing a lot of photo shoots for my company (as we do lots of yearly photo albums of our 434 employees). Still, no studio has made such a good impression on me as this one!


Albert Ferguson


As I’ve been looking for a reasonably big studio for my next photoshot in this town, I was referred to this one by a friend. Eventually, it turned out to be the best studio I’ve ever rent!


Jimmy Latuck


I am just so happy that I was referred to this studio by my wife! We’re both professional photographers and she perfectly knows how picky and thorough

I am!


Albert Ferguson